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Tips for climate-fair travelling

  • Opting not to go by plane means to actively protect the climate. Avoid flights when there are means of transport that are more environmentally friendly.

  • It's especially short-haul flights that strain the environment disproportionately, as set-off and landing are the stages where additional energy is used. Other means of transport are more climate-friendly and provide the possibility to observe the landscape around you. By making a stopover on your way, the journey itself may become a vacation.

  • Try to fly less frequently and stay in one place for a longer time. This will also benefit the local population because you make use of more services. Rule of thumb: for a flight of up to 2,000 km distance you should stay at the destination for at least 8 days, for a flight of more than 2,000 km distance you should stay at least 14 days.
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