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Tips for climate-fair travelling

  • Opting for other modes of transport than flying means to actively protect our world’s climate. Avoid flights whenever there are alternative and more climate friendly means of transportation that are more environmentally friendly. Especially short-haul flights strain the environment disproportionally, as take-off and landing waste additional energy.

  • Land-based forms of transport are much more climate-friendly and provide the possibility to enjoy the scenery around you. When you travel within Europe or when you booked a roundtrip, travelling by airplane can be completely avoided. By choosing interesting stopover destinations, the journey itself may already become an integral part of the vacation.

  • Try to fly less frequently and stay in the same place for a longer time. This way, the local population benefits from longer stays, as you use more local services. At the same time, you have more time to meet them and get a better understanding of the local culture. Therefore, an intensive, long-distance vacation every five to ten years can have a more positive impact on you and your hosts than several short-term trips.
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