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Labels for sustainable tourism

  • More than 100 labels and certificates worldwide exist for the classification of sustainability in tourism companies, regions, services or products.

  • Those labels can be useful when deciding on a destination, accommodation or tour as they show the provider's sustainability commitment, usually far beyond legal requirements.

  • As a general rule, a label gains in credibility when it has transparent certification criteria encompassing ecological and social factors and a third-party verification. For example, the certificate "CSR-tourism certified" of the non-profit certification body TourCert fulfils these criteria. At the moment, it is awarded to tour operators, travel agencies and accommodations.

  • You can find a "Guide through the label jungle", presenting 20 quality labels for accommodation providers, tour operators and travel offers here:

  • The international online portal DestiNet offers an overview of many more certificates and describes their sustainability standards, verification procedures and geographical scope:
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