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It doesn't hurt to smile! Smiling connects people and soothes the soul – at home as well as abroad.

  • Always try to be polite, friendly and patient, even in case of problems. Don't raise your voice. Just like at home, it will get you nowhere, but will poison the atmosphere and make you lose your face.

  • Having some command of the English language helps a lot – don't be afraid of speaking it! When travelling to Latin America, you should at least know some basic Spanish words and in numerous regions in Africa it helps to know some French.

  • There are many countries with dozens of languages. It's fascinating to learn less globalised languages, especially if you want to get to know locals and the country more intensively.

  • You should at least know the commonly used words and gestures in the country you are visiting to say "Hello", "Goodbye" and "Thank you". Remember that there are countries in which "Thank you" is not said very frequently. Sometimes it is sufficient to smile or nod.

  • On http://journals.worldnomads.com/language-guides you can download a translation app for your smartphone. It provides important words in different languages from Arabic and Khmer to Swahili and includes audio files to practise the correct pronunciation.
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