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Open-mindedness, tolerance, and appreciation for the previously unkown can enable unique encounters at eye level. “Foreign” and “different" does not equal "bad". To the contrary: Appreciating the difference can facilitate encounters, of which you will tell stories for a long time.

  • If the new impressions in your destination make you feel uncomfortable or unable to cope, stay calm and give yourself more time to arrive.

  • Be curious and open-minded. Accept the differences and appreciate them. Be respectful towards locals and meet them on an equal footing. They are neither "exotic" nor "primitive".

  • You will have more intensive experiences and thus benefit more if you focus on a particular region. Don't try to "tick off" whole countries or even continents. Less is more – you're on holiday, after all!

  • Re-discover the term "to have plenty of time". Punctuality and periods of time are different concepts in different cultures. Patience is a virtue – almost everywhere.
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