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Accessible Tourism for all

Almost every traveller can find him or herself faced with obstacles. This doesn't only concern the about 50 million people with disabilities in Europe, but, amongst others, the aging population.

  • Before you start your journey, ask your tour operator for special services for people with reduced mobility. Thus, they can organise options to facilitate baggage transport and getting in or off the bus, train or flight.

  • Use the Internet to search for wheelchair-accessible locations. On www.wheelmap.org you can find a virtual map of wheelchair-accessible locations worldwide like restaurants, museums and shopping possibilities. It is also available as an app for smartphones.

  • Don't hesitate to ask! Often a short conversation is all it takes for your tour operator or hotel manager to cater for your special needs, e.g. a food intolerance.

  • Look for destinations specialised in accessible tourism: pram and wheelchair-accessible hiking trails (up to the treetops), audio devices and guided tours in several languages including sign language as well as guides for the visually impaired and information boards in braille.

  • Find more information on:

  • In general, good preparation and reliable information are important for travellers with physical handicaps, as they enable people to also get to know the region outside the hotel.
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