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Non-governmental organisations and other contacts

Videos «Naturefriends explain…»
Complex issues put simply: the videos "Naturefriends explain..." illustrate the backgrounds of current topics in tourism and climate change. So far, two short videos have been published:

  • Naturefriends explain: Climate Justice
    In only 5 minutes, Naturefriends explain the complex topic of Climate Justice and offer tips and suggestions for climate-friendly behaviour, in everyday life as well as when travelling.
  • Naturefriends explain: Climate-friendly travel
    A family wants to go on a journey and they ask themselves how much CO2 emissions they will cause and how they could travel more sustainably. The impact of different means of travel on the climate is explained and alternatives to travelling by air are highlighted. Practical tips show how to save CO2 on the way. And all that in only 3:25 minutes!

The videos of the series "Naturefriends explain..." are available in three languages (English, French, German) and can be found on Youtube: www.youtube.com/nfi1895

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