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Carefully chosen souvenirs are nice travel memories and can benefit the local economy.

  • Make sure that the souvenirs you buy have really been manufactured in the country you visit. Only then you support local craft and the local economy.

  • In order to avoid sell-out of local culture (and cultural treasures), don't buy antiques.

  • Don't secretly pick up pieces from archaeological sites and take them home. These are often precious cultural treasures that are better exhibited in a local museum.

  • Don't buy products made from endangered species of flora and fauna (e.g. bags made from crocodile leather, carvings made from ivory, taxidermied animals). In many European countries (e.g. Germany), importing such products will bring about legal prosecution for reasons of species protection.

  • Inquire about import and export regulations. For example, corals intended as a souvenir can cause trouble with the authorities.
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