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Sexual exploitation in travel and tourism

In many countries men and women are so poor that they see no other way than to work in prostitution, sometimes families even prostitute their own children. Sexual exploitation of children and young people under 18 years is a crime and gets severely punished – in Germany as well as in any other part of the world!

  • Prostitution does not only exist since the beginning of tourism. It has always existed in almost any culture – varying in extent depending on the country, its religion and cultural history. Tourism intensifies the amount of prostitution, as seen in Thailand, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Kenya or in tourist centres of Germany and Europe. Also, business travel and tourism increase the demand for sexual service.

  • Traveling sex offenders take advantage of the locals' hardship and poverty in the destination - even if they don't think they do so. The often used term "sex tourism" trivializes the exploitative character of this horrible crime towards children. There is no such thing as a consensual sexuality with children - sexual acts including children are always a form of sexual violence.

  • The sex tourism industry is in constant need for "new" women, girls, men and boys. This need is often met through human trafficking into the touristic area. Repeatedly, impoverished parents sell their children to brothels or to human traffickers.

  • Paying - by giving money or something else in exchange - children or adolescents for sexual services abroad is considered a criminal offence and will lead to severe sentence in the home country, regardless of the criminal law in the country where the crime has been committed.

  • Children need protection, everywhere in the world! Think about how you would feel if wealthy tourists press your children into sexual services.

  • Travel responsibly! Find out whether your tour operator actively promotes protection of children via

More information on Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation:

Take action when you notice suspicious situations such as the initiation of sexual contact involving children or adolescents!

Should you receive ambiguous offers yourself or observe something that arouses your suspicion, be sure to inform the tour guide and hotel management, and try to avoid bars and other places where sex offenders have "fun" with children.

You observe a situation where you suspect sexual exploitation of children? Please report under 
Every bit of information will be important!

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