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Sex tourism

In many countries, there are women and men who are so poor that they need to work in prostitution; other families prostitute their children. Sexual abuse of children is a crime and is severely punished – in Europe as well as elsewhere!

  • Prostitution didn't only start with the beginning of tourism. It has always existed in almost all cultures – varying in extent according to the country, religion and cultural history. Tourism accounts for a boom in prostitution, as can be seen in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Kenya or in tourist centres at the Black Sea coast. International business tourism also increases the demand for sexual services abroad.

  • Sex tourists take advantage of the misery in the country, even if they don't think they do.

  • The sex tourism industry is in constant need for "new" women, girls and boys. This need is often met through human trafficking. Sadly, also impoverished parents sometimes sell their children to brothels or to human traffickers.

  • Paying children or adolescents for sexual services abroad (giving money or something else in exchange) is considered a criminal offence in most countries and can lead to severe sentences in one's home country, regardless of the criminal law in the country where the crime has been committed.

  • Children need protection, everywhere in the world! Think about how you would feel if rich tourists forced your children into sexual services.

  • Travel responsibly! Find out whether your tour operator actively fights for children's protection from sexual exploitation.

More information:

Take action when you notice child prostitution or its initiation by tourists!

  • Should you receive ambiguous offers or notice something that arouses your suspicion, inform your tour guide and hotel management and avoid bars or similar venues where sex tourists have "fun" with children.

Child protection – Have civil courage!

For reporting suspected cases and observations of sexual exploitation of children visit the European online platform against child sex tourism: www.reportchildsextourism.eu

In many countries, there are police reporting offices for child sex tourism and sexual violence against children. Should you notice suspicious behaviour of a person with your nationality or come across suspicious websites while booking your vacation, please contact and report to the responsible office of your country, which you can also find on the platform mentioned above.

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