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Health advice

Being and staying healthy is especially important on a journey. The climate often differs from what you know. Before and during your journey you can take important precautions.

  • "Cook it, peel it or leave it" is an easy-to-remember rule of thumb to avoid gastro-intestinal infections.

  • Don't forget to drink enough and regularly! Drinking at least two litres per day is important in a hot climate. Boil or filter water, or ask whether your hotel can provide safe drinking water. If this is not possible, drink bottled water. Avoid ice cubes – they are often made from tap water.

  • If you spend time in air-conditioned rooms, make sure to dress accordingly – otherwise you're bound to catch a cold.

  • Look up emergency numbers and English-speaking doctors before you start your journey.

  • On excursions make sure that your taxi or rental car has seatbelts and that you get a helmet when renting a motorcycle or bicycle.
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