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Goddesses and gods

All around the world, the everyday lives of many people are determined by their religion and their faith. Acquaint yourself with religious customs and practices. Religion is a very fascinating topic, but at the same time a very sensitive one.

  • The first massive push of globalization was due to the spread of Christianity. However, please keep in mind: Someone of another religion is not a “pagan”.

  • Aside from Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism there are countless other religions that are neither "cults" nor "sects" but independent religious convictions with goddesses and gods.

  • In some parts of Asia and Africa, tourists - that deliberately show their Christian faith - are often met with distrust. Please exercice restraint.

  • When visiting churches, temples and mosques, or participating in "exotic" celebrations, you can immerse into the religion and experience people's faith. But please don't occupy the best places at processions, leave them to the believers.

  • Be respectful towards cultural objects and relics. Only touch religious statues if locals do so, too.

  • Many of us find it difficult to talk about our own faith and religion. Think about how you want to answer questions about your religious conviction, such as what you believe in and what it means to you.

  • Some temples or mosques can only be entered without shoes. In several Hindu temples anything made from leather such as jackets or belts has to be taken off, too as a symbol of absolute non-killing.

  • Buddhists as well as Hindus believe in rebirth (reincarnation). In Buddhist countries, foreign guests may attend devotions in temples.

  • In the fasting month Ramadan, practising Muslims are not allowed to eat and drink during the day. Travellers might find their daily routines restricted, as restaurants only open after sunset.
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