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Food, just like at home

Enjoy the surprise of delicious traditional food in the country you visit.

  • Benefit from your journey to get to know the local cuisine. Locally grown food is usually fresher than imported products and you support local agriculture by buying some.

  • The fresher prepared and hotter the food is the less health risks it poses. Eat where locals do – this also encourages communication.

  • The kind of staple food consumed in the region strongly depends on cultural, climatic and economic factors. Vegetarians won't have a problem in South Asia; in Latin America and elsewhere they might be met with incomprehension. Muslims must not eat pork, many Hindus don't eat beef.

  • Appreciate the food you get – the local population rarely has it in abundance.

  • Travelling means to open your eyes to the new and foreign – also keep this in mind when choosing your food and you will gain many positive experiences.
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