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Energy supply

Use energy economically, especially in countries of the Global South, where energy supply is often insufficient and unstable.

  • Don't forget to turn off air conditioning, lights and other electric devices when you leave your accommodation. This will not take long, but help to save a lot of energy.

  • Do you really need air conditioning? If not, leave this power-guzzler turned off – additionally, you will avoid catching a cold. This also applies to heating: Reducing the room temperature from for example 20°C to 18°C helps to economise 3 to 5 % energy.

  • Refrain from power-guzzling habits and leave gadgets consuming a lot of energy at home. Thus, you won't be annoyed if there is no suitable voltage or adapter for your electric toothbrush or shaver!

  • If wood is scarce in the region you visit, you should refrain from a campfire, even if you really love it. Leave this precious resource to the locals who often don’t have alternatives. Make sure that kerosine and not wood is used for cooking on mountain hikes.
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