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Consciously donating and helping

Without social protection and government aid, many people depend on support.

  • It is difficult to treat beggars in the right way. Pay attention to whether locals give them money, which is often the case in front of temples and mosques.

  • "Successful" begging children play truant. Please don't give any money to children as a matter of principle, even if it is difficult. Giving money means to maintain a vicious circle and the money often only benefits the organised adult beggars acting in the background.

  • Refrain from short-term voluntary service, so-called "voluntourism", in schools and children's homes. It needs a lot of time to work with children and to build mutual trust. You should leave it to local, educated professionals.

  • Rather support child rights organisations or projects and programmes for children by reputable aid and development organisations. Look for information on their projects and support for example the activities of Bread for the World by making a donation.
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