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Choose your accommodation carefully. Often, middle-class hotels or family-run businesses provide accommodation on fair conditions.

  • Small, simple accommodations are often run by the owners themselves. The money you spend there will generally benefit the local population.

  • However, it's especially in small businesses outside of Europe that employees are ill-paid and have to work long hours. Exploitative child-labour is not uncommon either.

  • The revenues of international luxurious hotels often benefit large corporations. But employees often have better or at least regulated working conditions. You can strike a balance by choosing a medium-sized hotel run by locals.

  • Should you remark poor working conditions or inadequate water or waste treatment, talk to the hotel management or inform your tour operator.

  • In many countries you can find accommodations, which use recognised sustainability labels. Make conscious decisions for certified accommodations. More information can be found in the chapter Labels for sustainable tourism.
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