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At your destination

Treating the environment, the countries and the people you are visiting with respect will increase the quality of your travels. The following tips will assist you in finding your way in the host country.

Fair tourism – A matter of heart and mind

… by Tourism Watch – Bread for the World aims to encourage reflections on the impact of tourism and provides practical advice on how to travel respectfully and socially responsible, with humour and without wagging a finger.

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Travel preparations

By preparing your travels thoroughly and making socially responsible and ecologically sensitive choices you are moving towards a holiday that will become an unforgettable experience for you as well as for the people hosting you.

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Important information

Along with general information on different countries and contact addresses, this section provides the possibility to report suspected cases of child abuse in the respective countries, to be found on: www.dontlookaway.report

Facts and Figures

We edited interesting facts on specific topics in a special manner and marked them with the symbol above for your easier orientation.

  • We would like to thank Naturefriends International for providing us with the brochure “Travelling respectfully – Tips for fair travel” for further usage and reprint and their translation from German into English.

  • The brochure “Fair tourism – A matter of heart and mind” as a little book is only available in German and can be downloaded here in PDF format as well as ordered as a print version free of charge. 

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